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Welcome to Ramgarh Citizen Forum

The Ramgarh Citizen Forum is a non-political voluntary organization for the welfare of the citizens. It will fight in democratic way to restore the infringed civic rights and amenities of the citizen of Ramgarh District. It will also make programs of its own for development of civic amenities and betterment of citizens and try to obtain all possible help to achieve this goal from government agencies other welfare organizations and individuals.

Honorary Membership:

The Executive committee can co-opt Honorary members to any body for one term.
Admission Fee Rs. 100/- (One hundred) and Annual Subscription Rs. 200/- (Two hundred) only.

Aims & Objectives

  • Medical Health Camps

  • Organizing Seminars

  • Arrangements for Livehood

  • Arrangement for Relief

  • Open Library

  • Open Community Hall

  • Essential Legitimate

  • Organize Health Campus

  • Wide Choice of Electives

  • Seminar on Union Budget

  • Seminar on Disaster Management

  • Seminar on Public Interest



Forum - Means Ramgarh Citizen Forum
Committee-Means the Executive Committee of the forum.
Office Bearers – Means President , Sr.Vice President, Vice President, Honorary Secretary, Treasurer.
Term – Means working period of the Committee i.e. two years
Year - Means Financial year

Office Bearers of the Forum

The forum shall have an executive committee which shall comprise of the following

(i) President
(ii) Senior Vice President
(iii) Vice President
(iv) Honorary Secretary
(v) Joint secretary
(vi) One Treasurer
(vii) Nine Executive Committee Membership

The office bearers and membership of the Executive Committee shall held office for the term of two years.


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Places of Interest

Gandhi Smarak Mukti Dham
China War Cemetery
Rajrappa Temple
Ramgarh Cantt
Damodar River
Business Centre for collieries around Ramgarh

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